27. February 2024

Voyager Transfers $28.7 Million in Cryptocurrencies to Exchanges

• Voyager recently transferred a total of 250 billion Shiba Inu tokens ($3.4 million) to Coinbase, and 10,000 Ether ($16.9 million) to Binance US.
• The crypto broker also still holds 1.6 trillion SHIB ($23.5 million), which is its second largest single position.
• Rumors suggest that Voyager may be looking to capitalize on the recent market rally and liquidate altcoins in order to compensate creditors, however there is no solid evidence for this yet.

Background of Voyager

Voyager is a bankrupt brokerage firm that has been causing a stir in the Shiba Inu community due to its large-scale cryptocurrency transfers. As reported by blockchain security firm PeckShield, Voyager has so far sent $28.7 million worth of cryptocurrencies between BinanceUS, Coinbase and Kraken over the last few weeks – including 15,000 ETH (about $25.3 million). This move comes at an opportune time as the crypto market is currently experiencing an upswing with the SHIB token increasing 4% within 24 hours alone.

Details of Transactions

At 3:09 pm EST yesterday, Voyager sent 250 billion Shibas (worth $3.4 million) to Coinbase – followed shortly after by 10,000 Ether (worth $16.9 million) being transferred to Binance US at 3:46 pm EST; with another 5,000 ETH being sent to Coinbase soon after that transfer was completed according to Etherscan data. Additionally, on February 14th 2020 Voyager had already made similar transfers between Binance US and Coinbase totalling 6,000 ETH and 1,000 ETH respectively – plus 270 billion SHIB ($3million).

Binance/Voyager Deal

The agreement between Binance US and Voyager back in December remains stalled as it was vetoed by US regulators – with a final hearing scheduled for March 23rd 2021 until then we can only speculate as what happens next with these transactions and how they will affect the Shiba Inu price moving forward if they are indeed liquidated into cash by Voyagers creditors as some people have speculated on Twitter although no concrete evidence exists yet either way on this matter .

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