27. February 2024

– Xandeum is a blockchain startup committed to accelerating humanity’s transition to decentralized control.
– Xandeum is launching on July 30th, 2023 with an incentivized purchase model for node licenses.
– Post-launch, Xandeum will roll out an incentivized devnet on August 15, 2023 and an ICO of the XAND token in November 2023.

Xandeum – Accelerating Humanity’s Transition to Decentralization

About Xandeum

Xandeum is a trailblazing blockchain startup committed to accelerating humanity’s transition to decentralized control. Leveraging the power of blockchain technology, Xandeum’s mission is to empower collective self-determination by creating a scalable blockchain-based storage layer for smart contracts – known as ‘sedApps’ – on Xandeum. Named EGGS (External Global Grouped Storage), this solution pioneers a new era of storage-enabled Web 3.0 apps.

Grand Launch & Incentivized Purchase Model

Xandeum prioritizes community control by selling node licenses directly to its users and introducing an incentivized purchase model at their grand launch on July 30th, 2023 at 6PM UTC. The first transaction will receive a generous 50% rebate, the second 49%, the third 48% and so on until the 50th transaction which will still secure a one percent rebate.

Post Launch Plans

Following the grand launch, Xandem has several plans lined up including: rolling out an incentivized devnet on August 15th, 2023; testnet in Fall of that year; and an ICO of their native token – XAND – in November 2023; followed by beta version of mainnet scheduled for 2024.

Join The Blockchain Revolution

Users are encouraged to join this revolutionary project and explore what it has to offer – including lightpaper’s, technical whitepapers and roadmap information – before participating in the grand launch event itself!


Xandem is ushering in a new era of storage enabled Web 3.0 applications through its groundbreaking EGGS system backed by its own native cryptocurrency -the XAND token-. Join them from July 30th onwards as they prepare for their grand launch and revolutionize how we interact with online services!