27. February 2024

• Tether’s USDt has launched on Kava, a blockchain in the Cosmos DeFi ecosystem.
• Native USDt issued on Kava provides deep liquidity across IBC and EVM ecosystems.
• The integration of Tether’s USDt on Kava will increase security and reliability for users and developers.

Tether Launches USDt on Kava

Tether’s world-leading stablecoin, USDt, has successfully launched on Cosmos via Kava, marking an important milestone in the expansion of the Cosmos DeFi ecosystem. With native USDt issued on Kava, it brings much-needed stability to the Cosmos ecosystem and its limited growth, fragmented liquidity, and exaggerated volatility. This integration could potentially catalyze a significant expansion of the DeFi economy on Cosmos with increased security and reliability for users and developers alike.

Natively Issued Stablecoin

Kava 14 supports natively issued USDT which can move between IBC (inter-blockchain communication) and EVM (Ethereum virtual machine) blockchains securely through an ‘internal bridge’ with tight access controls. This unlocks efficient mechanisms for stablecoin liquidity provisioning and transfer while making asset movement between chains fast and secure.

Benefits of Integration

The integration of Tether’s natively issued USDT brings numerous benefits to the Cosmos system including: deep liquidity; increased security; universally adopted canonical stablecoin; greater reliability; faster asset movement between chains; access to robust track record of four years with zero security issues; reshaping the future of decentralized finance fostering a robust & inclusive ecosystem that benefits users worldwide.

Reactions from Involved Parties

Scott Stuart, co-founder of Kava expressed excitement for this successful integration saying “Our support for Tether’s USDt integration unlocks much-needed stablecoin liquidity across the Cosmos & EVM ecosystems.” On the other hand, Paolo Ardoino, CTO of Tether remarked “The Kava network is a unique & widely followed blockchain with a robust track record…. Together we aim to reshape the future of decentralized finance…”


The launch of natively issued USDT by Tether is an important step towards strengthening decentralized finance networks such as those found in Cosmos’ IBC & EVM ecosystems; providing much needed stability as well as increasing security & reliability for users & developers alike – ultimately allowing them to benefit from a more robust & inclusive financial system than ever before!