Geothermal power use for regasification of LNG

LNG regasification is extremely demanding in terms of energy resources. For this purpose, the Lithuanian LNG Terminal uses the lagoon waters in summer when water temperature reaches 16-25°C, this way meeting the power needs during the process of regasification. To ensure that energy needs of regasification are fully addressed during winter seasons, gas is burned so far. Nevertheless, this area expects significant changes.

Members of LNG cluster AB Klaipėdos nafta, and Vakarų laivų gamykla together with the partner UAB Geoterma have joined their forces to develop an innovative technology solution allowing use for LNG regasification of the geothermal power available in the Western Lithuania. It would ensure an ideal synergy of LNG and renewable geothermal sources. Modern solution is characterized by undoubtedly positive effects both in terms of economy as well as environment.

The project provides for the establishment of geothermal power plant which would be operated with direct use of the geothermal power, heating the thermal water by heat exchangers up to 35-36°C. The new system would ensure stability of regasification process in summer and eliminate the need for burning gas in winter.

More info on the project:

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