• Will not be limited to Klaipėda: “Portathon Baltic” Expands its Geography

    The port technology hackathon organised for the second time on the 25th-27th of September will bring together the teams of companies, innovators and start-ups from Lithuania and abroad.

  • Klaipeda to Hold the Blue Growth Leaders Academy

    Rugsėjį KU startuosianti programa „Blue Growth Leaders Academy“ suburs tarptautiniu mastu vertinamus lektorius iš užsienio bei suteiks mėlynosios ekonomikos žinių, kurios padės verslui įgyti konkurencinio pranašumo.

  • The Lithuanian Maritime Cluster Has Been Founded

    The cluster has been founded with the goal of becoming a platform for the production of high added-value services and products, innovation, cooperation between the education and business sectors.

  • Klasterio nariams - renginys su "DiGas" iš Latvijos

    Renginys vyks liepos 3 d. 14 val. KMTP. Reikalinga išankstinė registracija.

  • The capacities of Klaipeda LNG terminal have been allocated

    During this procedure, two customers have signed agreements for the regasification capacity of 8.4 TWh of LNG.

  • Online Course: LNG Key Trends and Challenges Ahead

    Join the online Energy Delta Institute event on 3 Jun 2020 - 4 Jun 2020 09.00 – 13.00 CET. 10% discount for our members!

  • Allocation of the capacity of Klaipeda LNG terminal begins

    During the current gas year, 42 LNG carriers were accepted at the LNG terminal, and other 28 LNG carriers are expected by the end of the gas year. During this period, 2 million cubic meters of gas was delivered.

  • KN stabilises its performance, despite difficult circumstances

    Klaipėda LNG terminal continues to maintain a record high level of degassing – 5.2 TWh of gas was degassed at the LNG terminal during the first quarter of this year.

  • PGNIG commences operations at Klaipeda LNG reloading station

    The capacities of the station, which will allow more efficient entry into the small-scale regional LNG market, is reserved for a strategic partner for five years.

  • A vessel filled with LNG for the first time in Klaipeda Port

    Four different parties worked together – KN (Klaipėdos Nafta, AB), the Norwegian company Cryo Shipping AS, Ignitis UAB and Baltkonta UAB.

  • KN will operate GNA’S LNG import terminal in Brazil

    KN has been appointed as the operator of a liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminal in the Brazilian Port of Açu. KN, KN Açu Serviços de Terminal de GNL Ltda. (Brazilian SPV) and Gas Natural Açu (GNA), which is a joint venture among Prumo Logistica, BP and Siemens, signed a respective agreement for the provision of the services.

  • Maintenanceof Klaipėda LNG terminal will cost even less

    On the 30th of December the National Energy Regulatory Council (hereinafter - the NERC) has lowered a natural gas security component by 38.55%, effective from 01 January 2020. Lowering of the security component, when compared to the current security component, will save natural gas consumers 36.1 million euros per year.