Lithuanian LNG Cluster 

Lithuanian LNG cluster aims at establishing Lithuania as LNG technology and distribution center in BSR by developing knowledge, technology and business partnerships in order to enable LNG business models, establish Lithuanian LNG terminal as a distribution hub for the region. Creating innovation projects, educating and rising awareness, training, promoting, sourcing for funding and etc.

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Save the date for KLAIPĖDA LNG FORUM 2019!

The event on 15-16 May will bring together a wide range of international LNG experts, policy makers and energy-related businesses.


“SG dujos” started the installation process of their first LNG station

The first industrial LNG gas station will use liquefied gas from the Klaipėda Terminal, which will be stored in Viečiūnai. As required, liquefied gas will be transported to the gas phase and supplied to the company “Litesko”.


Lithuanians have developed an innovative technology for using LNG cold energy

Innovative solution, which will reduce the cost of electricity for businesses and contribute to the solution of ecological problems, will be adapted for use not only in the refrigerator terminals but also in many other objects.


Ongoing projects - TECHNOLOGY / LOGISTICS

Utilization of LNG cold energy for refrigerated terminal (technology)
LNG use for rail locomotives (technology)
Geothermal power use for regasification of LNG (technology)
LAB infrastructure for LNG research and production quality management (technology)
LNG cooling energy for Turbines (technology)
Establishment of LNG terminal process simulator and training infrastructure (logistics)
Creating the LNG distribution system to create a better access of markets (logistics)



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