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Lithuanian LNG cluster aims at establishing Lithuania as LNG technology and distribution center in BSR by developing knowledge, technology and business partnerships in order to enable LNG business models, establish Lithuanian LNG terminal as a distribution hub for the region. Creating innovation projects, educating and rising awareness, training, promoting, sourcing for funding and etc.

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The Limarko Group company is entering LNG distribution market

From the autumn of the year 2018 UAB Baltkonta will start to provide liquefied natural gas (LNG) transportation services. Klaipėda-based company, which belongs to the Limarko Group, is getting flagship status in this field as it is the first logistics company in Lithuania to enter LNG distribution market.


Klaipėda hosts first BSR LNG Cluster B2B event

Klaipėda became the platform for the first Baltic Sea Region LNG Cluster B2B event, which started 15th of November. The two-day event brought together providers of LNG technologies, LNG suppliers, representatives from science institutions – around 100 participants.


Klaipėda LNG reloading station announces its symbolic start-up

The LNG reloading station is intended to supply LNG for customers in the Baltic Sea region as well as promote the use of clean fuel for maritime operations and heavy vehicles, ensuring access to LNG for remote consumers.


Ongoing projects - TECHNOLOGY / LOGISTICS

Utilization of LNG cold energy for refrigerated terminal (technology)
LNG use for rail locomotives (technology)
Geothermal power use for regasification of LNG (technology)
LAB infrastructure for LNG research and production quality management (technology)
LNG cooling energy for Turbines (technology)
Establishment of LNG terminal process simulator and training infrastructure (logistics)
Creating the LNG distribution system to create a better access of markets (logistics)

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Lietuvos suskystintų gamtinių dujų (SGD) klasterio nariai lapkričio 23 d. susitiks uostamiestyje gilinti savo žinių. Intensyvių mokymų metu vertinga patirtimi ir naujausia informacija dalinsis ekspertas iš Belgijos Svenas Lataire, į klasterio veiklą neseniai įsiliejusios tarptautinės kompanijos SGS atstovas.